our health workers
need us

let us help them so they can help us

The Covid Response Foundation is a non-profit making and wholly voluntary foundation newly incorporated under the Companies Act of Malawi consisting of Malawians from different walks of life and professions with the one aim of contributing towards and mobilising resources for hospitals to cater for Covid-19 patients.

Our Objective

The exponential increase in Covid-19 infections and deaths at the start of 2021 is there for all to see. We cannot stand by and watch as our hospitals and medical staff struggle with the limited resources to save our brothers’ and sisters’ lives. We could be next in need of saving.

We intend to focus our attention for a start on the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) before we can spread to other hospitals and centres. Presently, the QECH is in urgent and dire need of many life-saving drugs and equipment. Please find attached a list of the items and their prices for your consideration.

we need you

Please help us in the fight against Covid-19. You can save a life with any contribution which can be in material or monetary terms. Our Foundation will accept cheques, bank transfers or mobile money transfers made directly to suppliers of any items that you may choose to purchase. We shall be happy to make all logistical arrangements for the collection and delivery of any items that you may purchase. All contributions will be duly acknowledged and strictly accounted for.

You can also donate directly to the Covid Response foundation by clicking here.

We look forward to your urgent and generous intervention. Thank you for supporting the response to COVID-19 and in advance for committing resources to common services that will enable our frontline workers to safely deliver services and save lives.

Together we can save a life and ourselves.